About us

Kids Orbit is the brainchild of S. Raghavendra and Neetu Raghavendra. Smt. Vani Suresh and M. Suresh Kumar have been the inspiration for us to start a preschool, who themselves had started this concept in a small town of Kumarapatnam, Harihar. Their dedication, hard work, sincerity, and love for children was immense, and we carry the same attitude forward through Kids Orbit.

Our Vision:

Our goal is to provide an environment that enables every child to have opportunities to learn and contribute to their all-round development. The children are encouraged to question, explore, investigate and acquire skills that will make them learners for life.

We provide value based education hence our curriculum is based essentially on the Montessori philosophy and approach.

What we offer at Kids Orbit?

  • Development through work by hands
  • Teachers are facilitators
  • Self-learning Environment
  • Each child at his own pace
  • Mixed age grouping
  • Freedom of choice
  • Independence
  • Inner discipline
  • Self-correction
  • Daily observation and assessment
  • Socially vibrant environment
  • Encouraging the child’s inherent desire to do and learn

Purpose of Education

Aid the children in becoming independent thinkers and doers, in other words enhance skills that will make them excel at whatever they do.

Create a social awareness so the world can be a better place to live in, in other words foster social skills and values that will make them good human beings.

Quality Early Education is a necessity not a luxury

Why Early Education?

It has been identified that the early years from 0 to 6 years are the most important time for brain development in humans. It has been proven by experts in all over the world repeatedly that the capacity for a child to absorb concept and learning is the highest during 0 to 6 years of age, so it is necessary to identify areas of development that need to be focused on during these years of the child development and ensure that the same is imparted in an effective manner to the child. That is why, Early Education is strongly recommended by the education expert.

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Kids Orbit Preschool

Is an effort in a direction that would create change with and through education

..A change in…

Our attitude towards children

Our understanding of children’s growth and development

The way we perceive and evaluate children’s learning abilities

The way we provide opportunities for children to develop and express their Creative selves

The way we prepare ourselves to organize learning environments for children

The way we partner with children, teachers and parents to better understand children and their “growing up” needs

“The right to education is not only the right to attend schools, it is the right to find in schools all that is necessary to the building of a questioning mind and a dynamic moral conscience.”
-Jean Piaget

Why Kids Orbit Preschool?

  • Curriculum designed & developed by IIT and IIM alumni.
  • In line with international standards with the blend of Indian culture.
  • Mixed age group model.
  • Child safe learning material.
  • An ideal teacher-student ratio.
  • Regular parent teacher meetings.
  • Monthly assessments.
  • Welcome feedback.
  • Affordable fee structure.
  • Continuous upgradation of curriculum.
  • Last but not the least we allow child to learn and grow at his/her pace as our teachers play a role of presenters and caretakers. These are the things that make Kids Orbit Preschool unique and special.